Wednesday, August 10, 2011


not that peter and i needed any more confirmation from God about moving to texas, BUT...we sold our house!!! IN 4 WEEKS!!!! you know all that stress and worrying that i was doing a few posts back? gone as of 5pm this afternoon!!! there is no other way to say was a total God thing! as long as you have not been living under a rock for the last year, then you know that the housing market has been on the rocks for a seller, well for anyone. we were really concerned after we had to do so many "adjustments" to the house after the inspection for the relocation company...also making us think that maybe we would have a hard time selling the house. our next door neighbors have had their house (a mirror image of ours, with fewer updates) on the market at a lower asking price since november with no bites...also a freak out factor for us in the beginning.

so, i got a call monday mid morning (while driving from MI to PA) that there would be a showing that day between 1 and 2 pm. i already had a few things on my list to pray for on the drive out, so i added that to it! :) when we didnt hear anything the rest of the day, i figured that no news was bad news. :( i called my realtor, sue, tuesday morning while running wedding errands with my sis-in-law, laura. sue told me that she had not heard from the other broker, but had them on the list of people to call that day. not even 20 minutes later, sue called me back. she said that the other broker called her first and that the couple wanted to put an offer in...i freaked out! laura looked at me like i had just been hit by a car! :) sorry, laura! well, we didnt hear anything else yesterday, but mid morning today a very good offer came in! we had until 5pm to decide what we wanted to do. after A LOT of phone calls back and forth with about 8 people, praying, emails, and more praying, peter and i decided to accept the offer!!

we are now, officially, homeless...proud of it!! again, we are so blown away by this answer to prayer!! we are so excited to not have to worry about me going to texas and still having a house to sell in ohio. we will be able to really start looking aggressively for a home in houston! all of it, wow...pinch me, i still think i am dreaming!! THANK YOU, GOD!!! as cynical as it sounds, peter and i were honestly thinking that this would take forever...based on our track record. :) maybe this is a huge point to prove to us that God is in control!!!

in case this day could get much better, i get to see peter tonight...after being apart for 2.5 weeks! yesterday, laura, susan, and i were busy all day with wedding stuff and today has been totally consumed by house selling. i am pretty much elated that at 10:15 tonight, i get to pick up my hubby from houston! :) august 12th is our five year wedding anniversary. we will also be celebrating the marraige of laura and bob that day (how cool to share an anniversary with your sister?!?!), so peter and i wont be doing anything big. our big party comes in a few weeks in the form of a trip to jamaica! i do have a suprise birthaversary gift for peter though!! birthaversary=birthday+anniversary...his birthday is august 18th :). i will have to write later about his gifts and let you know what he thinks...he reads this so i cant tell you now...hi, babe!! :) so, anyway, i am so pumped to be with peter and his whole family this weekend!!

ok, lastly...i promise...while sitting out on susan's front porch (ps. what an awesome day weather wise here in western PA!!) talking to lisa on the phone about all the exciting "God things" that happened to each of our families today, the most beautiful butterfly landed on my thigh and hung out for a bit! i told lisa i had to hang up to take a pic with my phone. they are not the best quality, but still so awesome!! i am not one of those people that thinks everything is a sign or whatever, but since Charlotte's celebration, every time i see a butterfly i stop for a moment to think about her. butterflies are an awesome reminder to me of God's awesome creativity in creation, also demonstrating that not all changes are bad or ugly!! so today when the beautiful orange spotted butterfly with scalloped wings came to hang out, i took it as another awesome reminder of God's love for me. ironic/coincidence that the butterfly came by today, at that moment? i cant believe that! :)

thank you to all who have prayed for us through the whole texas transition! i am even more excited now to go down south to look for a place for you all to come visit..come soon!! :)

blessings, ALo

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  1. What a blessing! Its so encouraging to see God work during the midst of life's journey. I love how there is no other way to explain the selling of your house than God =)