Monday, August 29, 2011

See Ya Later Michigan

so, i just got back to ohio yesterday afternoon. i have spent that last 10 days in michigan with my awesome family and had a little weekend friend get together last week. i had not originally planned on staying more than a week, but as my departure approached i started having serious anxiety about saying good bye to my family...specifically my mom!! i have said it before, but my mom and i have become good friends the last few years. since quitting work back in january, i have taken several trips to michigan to hang out. my mom has been a great source of support and encouragement through everything we have gone through this year. all of our family (both sides) has been great!! this past week it was so nice to just hang out!! we played tennis, hosted friends from ohio, went to see "the help" (great movie, book was better, but still very good!), laid in the pool, got pedis, did a little shopping, plenty of home hair, "pinterested" together, went to a wine tasting, and just hung out with family...we also laughed a lot...oh and i crafted a little for her :) it was great! because i had been so emotional at the beginning of the week about leaving, i was not sure how my actual good bye would go. by the time sunday morning came around i was, thankfully, fine! that last few days gave me some really great time with my family, so leaving was so much easier. i didnt even shed a tear! :) so, i am here in ohio hanging out with my awesome friends a few more days before my long anticipated trip to jamaica with my hubby, bro, and sis-in-law for our 5 year anniversaries.

as far as the texas/move front goes, things are going so smoothly!! PRAISE THE LORD! i am more than ready to be down there, settling in with peter!! our truck of stuff made it down to texas on the 16th...apparently all there in one place! :) we have until october 16th before we are responsible for paying for the storage of our stuff. peter did some house hunting again this weekend and found a house he really likes! :) the area has a ton of great stuff (unlike where we have been living...driving 20 min just for a decent grocery store) and the commute doesnt look like it would be totally unbearable. we are just praying that if this is the house for us then it will still be available when i get down there next week!! we closed with the relocation company on our house in ohio last week. we are officially DONE! :) the closing for the new buyers is set for the 20th, but even if something happens and they back out, we have still sold our house to the relocation company, so we will be fine. again, PRAISE THE LORD! peter has been enjoying houston so far. his job is going well and he has really enjoyed hanging out with the guys that he already knew that are down there!! :) so exciting now...looking forward to this new it helps knowing that i have trips planned to come back to visit!! :)

so, here are a few pics of my mom and me over the last few her so much!!
mom and her gang at her house during the big family reunion in july

at olivia's wedding shower in july

mom, mimi (mom's mom) and me at the reunion in july

mom and me at dinner this last saturday night

i am going to go enjoy the sun on my friend kelly's back deck...hope you all have a great week!! happy birthday to my good friend marcie solin today!! :)

blessings, ALo

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