Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweetest Gift

i came home from michigan to the sweetest gift! my friend kat ordered it for me from etsy and it was a total surprise...which made it even better.

kat and i are what i call texting friends. kat and i have only talked face to face 3 times, but we text several times a month. kat and her hubby (blair) have two kids...their youngest carter was born january 4 with several health concerns. kat was one of the first people to truly understand what we felt when we got our diagnosis with charlotte...they knew before carter was born what he was up against. kat and i are the kind of friends that dont need much more than prayer from each other. we simply text a prayer or a few words of encouragement when we cross each others minds.

so, i came home to a surprise gift from kat. she ordered me personalized bible verses that came in a cute drawstring bag. there are 80 business card size cardstock with verses personalized with my name. sparklestudio (this looks just like the one i got!) on etsy did a great job...and thanks to kat, all 80 pieces had my name spelled correctly! :) for real, this is one of the most thoughtful gifts that i have been given! what is more encouraging than God's word and promises? and it is even better to see your name in each one of those encouragement cards! not to mention that i am also a sucker for cute fabrics...and this is functional!

so, thank you kat for brightening my day! i am so thankful for the encouragement in a time that is very difficult for you. love you, my texting friend!!

please keep kat and blair in your prayers as they face a long journey as parents to a baby with disabilities! please pray for carter...he is now five and a half months old, but still facing some big health concerns...shunts, casts, surgeries, therapies, specialists, medications and so much more. please pray for caitlin, carter's big sister. i am sure that life can be very confusing for her at times. i pray that this family feels God's peace and comfort on those days when they feel stuck in trying to make decisions. i pray that carter continues to prove the doctors wrong. kat, i pray for you!

blessings, ALo

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