Monday, June 20, 2011

Texas or bust!!

we are houston, tx...!!! there is so much that i could say, but dont really know where to start...

yes, we were praying for this. maybe not necessarily houston in the beginning, but something different. peter has not been happy with his job for some time, so this is a definite answer to prayer! peter will be working for cameron, an oil drilling company, with their engineering team. this is a good career move for him which makes this a good move for our family! the big move will happen pretty quickly, but i will not be there permanently for several more weeks. peter will be able to take a couple weeks off from his current job before starting his new job (start date of july 25th). we will make a trip down with his car and his electronics (!!!) to look around and scope a few things out and we will then fly back up north for a family reunion and a few goodbyes. this is where i get anxiety! i hate saying good-bye, or even see ya later. i know that texas is pretty far from everything that we have known for the 5 years we have been married. as mentioned in a previous post, peter and i have an anniversary trip to jamaica planned over labor day weekend. so, right after that trip (our flights for that trip have been booked to leave from dayton, ohio) i will start my final trip from ohio to texas. i really am excited!! i am excited about the new job for peter, new house (eventually) for us, and kinda just starting over. we all know how crazy this year has been for us and a change in scenery maybe what i need to focus on...although, that is where the biggest source of my anxiety (today) is coming from. it will be so hard to leave our close friends that we have here and our family just a few hours away. there is no way that we, especially me, could have made it through our pregnancy and loss of our baby girl without our support system. i am sad that people in texas will not know charlotte like my friends here do. they wont understand the excitement we will eventually have over the next baby because they dont know we went through to have babies. yes, i am open and will share when i feel comfortable or when people ask about my tattoo, but it wont be the same. that being said, i have said to several people, i could talk to a brick wall if needed...meaning, i have no problem making friends! and i know that the people here that love me will still love me even from far away! by the way...houston is the 4th largest city in the nation, which means it is easy to get there...several great airports...come visit! we will be about 45 min for galveston beach and not far at all from the 2nd largest mall in the nation, the galleria! yep...plan a trip and visit us! 

so, over all...YIPPPPPEEEEEEE we are moving to houston, texas!!!!

prayer requests:
1. that peter's transition into his new job would go smoothly and that we will fit right in (btw, he two very close friends from college that work at cameron...that is our connection!)
2. that the details of our relocation will work out just right...mostly the sale of our home here in ohio. the new company is offering a lot of help, but we will need to sell this house...and ASAP would be great!
3. that we can have good quality time with everyone without feeling stressed about doing everything we need to do. i would hang out all day with friends, but that doesnt get the packing done! :)

we know that we are following what God whats for us, which is why we have so much peace about moving across the country. God has closed and open the perfect doors for us and we cant wait to see what is next...hope i dont melt in the houston was 113 degrees there yesterday!!!

blessings, ALo

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  1. MIke and I are super excited for you! Moving is an adventure for sure and making new friends in an area you're not familiar with (i can relate to that!) Love yall and will be praying for your transition and journey =)