Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Serious Laughter!

so, i know that i already posted today, but this could and should not wait!!

peter and i just got home a little bit ago from visiting with friends who just had a baby. he went into our room to change and get ready for his nightly shower. i hear him come out of the room and he looks at me and says, in a very serious tone mind you...

"So, apparently i have had a dryer sheet in my crack all day!"

i had to process that for about 5 seconds before i literally almost peed my pants laughing!! i asked how he didnt know (especially because it was almost 10pm) and his reply was classic...

"I mean, it was a little itchy, but that happens sometimes anyway."

oh my word!! :) i love this. i love him. i am so glad that he told me. yes honey, i am laughing at you and with you!! :)

hope you had something that really made you laugh today! :)

blessings, ALo

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