Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Glorious Day

I was going to wait until friday, Good Friday, to share these songs, but i couldnt wait. Good Friday is the day we, as believers, stop to reflect on the work that Jesus did on the cross. Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice for each of us by being tortured, beaten, spit on, nailed to a wooden cross, pierced with a sword, and most importantly, taking on every one of our sins and dying. thankfully, i know that is not how it ends, but it is still very important to not forget all the Jesus gave up and took on for me. it is mind boggling if i really think about it. Easter has always been an emotional "holiday" for me as i think about the price Jesus Christ paid, but this year has been a little different. i cant help but thinking about the celebration that the people in Heaven must have during Holy Week...i mean because of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, they are given eternal life in heaven. i cant but think that there must be a week long celebration of thanks. Charlotte is in Heaven having a party with so many others, praising and thanking Jesus for what He did for all of us.

this last sunday, Palm Sunday, we sang one of my (right now) favorite songs by casting crowns. glorious day is one of those songs that just stops me where i am at and makes me say thank you.


we also sang paul baloche's glorious. during this song, the kids choir came out and filled the front of the stage and the aisles, singing and waving colorful banners in praise. it brought me to tears...made me think that maybe that is what charlotte is doing in celebration! i wish i could find a youtube video of it...but trust me, it was awesome!!

this last video brings me right back to college. i was in a gospel choir for several years, even traveling for a summer to australia with an ensemble. we sang a lot of kirk franklin. this song, hosanna, was always a favorite (and sang at every outing down under) and reminds me of the joy of praising! an amazing song for easter.

i hope that these songs help you think about what this week and weekend really mean...a whole lot more than candy and bunnies, for sure!

blessings, ALo

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