Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Encouragement from afar

i got the sweetest email from my sis-in-law, laura, over the weekend. i miss her like crazy and this Easter will not be the same without her in PA. anyway, i wanted to share with you the e-mail that she sent me. i am so lucky to have an awesome family.

"I was watching a sermon from a friend of mine's church in NJ this morning and was thinking of you the whole time.  Their congregation is going through three weeks of the Daniel Fast and they are finishing today after their service this morning.  Anyway, the sermon I watched was from last week and their pastor was teaching them from 2 Chronicles 20.  The Kind, Jehoshaphat, tells his people to go into fasting and praising the Lord because they were going to be attacked by two other particularly brutal nations, and were asking God to help them.  You've probably read this before and know it all, but if not I'll keep telling you about it :)  So they fast, all the while praising the Lord and telling him that they do not know what to do, but know that He is greater.  God tells them to not be afraid and in verse 15 says "...For the battle is not yours, but God's"  (they used the Today's New International Version which I thought it was a pretty good translation for this verse!).  It's short and sweet - but says so much about our God.  Anyway, they march to the battle field and as they marched they sang and worshipped God along the way (their Pastor likened this to their church's praise team marching into battle on the front line saying how to us that sounds crazy!).  So when they got to the place where they overlooked the battle field the warriors of the other nations were already dead and there were only bodies on the fields.  They didn't have to fight them at all and it took them 3 days to bring the victory home (basically taking all the plunder from the dead soldiers).  So not only did God save them even from having to fight, but the victory that he gave them after was great.

I know how much you have been turning to the Lord for strength and encouragement to get through your own personal battles during this time.  I think it's obvious to everyone.  And I just thought this story could also be an encouragement to you.  To know that if we admit that we are weaker than He is and not able to fight our battles alone and put our complete trust in Him, that He will fight them for us, and still reward us in the end, is such a great encouragement to me and makes me wonder why it is so difficult to just let God in and take over.  I know you have written about this some in your earlier blogs, but I'm sure a little reminding never hurts :)  And I'm looking forward to seeing the rewards God has in store for both of you, I'm sure they will be far greater than we can imagine, and I'm sure He is rewarding you already!

I'm praying for you guys.  I wish I could be there with you to help see you through these hard times and watch and learn from you and Peter in person.  My problems seem so insignificant compared to what you two are going through, but you both encourage me every day to just give everything to the Lord and accept His help and love.

Love you both so much!  Hope you are having a GREAT weekend!


blessings, ALo


  1. You are so blessed to have such a beautiful, caring sister-in-law. My heart hurts because my sil has pretty much decided to never talk to me again and for no particular reason that she even cares to share with me. It eats at me' daily. I don't know what to do besides pray.

  2. alison, i am really sorry to hear that! i will praying that God will put a time in place that you can talk and be very open and honest with each other to put you on the path to recovery with each other!!