Friday, February 11, 2011

Something's Missing

aside from the obvious, my life has been missing pictures! i have been so horrible at taking pictures the last year or more. i know that i have an impeccable memory and i am one of those people that when i think of memories i see things in snapshot view. i think that because of this i usually forget about pictures. wednesday night/thursday i went to indy to see my best friend from college and to meet my new blogger buddy. i took no pictures during the mandatory best friend late night chat, no pics of my best friend's HUGE baby bump (she is due in 2 weeks, which means any day!), no pics at all during my day and a half with the bestie. while i was in indy i was able to meet up with the one and only lisa that i talk about on here almost weekly. meeting was a little like a blind date. i knew the blogging lisa but had never met the live lisa (by the way it was only awkward for about 2.5 seconds). i had been excited to meet lisa for a few weeks, she has been an incredible source of encouragement as she and her hubby anticipate meeting jaxton in 19 days. jaxton has trisomy 13. we have been praying that God show up in a BIG way in the health department for jaxton. lisa, mack (my bff) and i met at a starbucks and didnt move from our seats for over 2 hours. it was so awesome and i was so sad to go. of course again, i took no pics!!! i mean, seriously?? even lisa commented on it later. please pray for the husmann family...the labor and delivery, decisions about care for jaxton after birth, opportunities to share their faith with the doctors and nurses, and special time as a whole family.this family has become a special part of my life, please pray for them. if you have been reading my blog then you also have seen links to my friend elizabeth's page. today elizabeth and i went wig shopping. typically that sounds like an outing that would be fun and goofy. today was pretty much all business. e is starting chemo on the 21st and will loose her hair not long after. as her friend (and her stylist) i wanted to go and help her, even just by being there. we were successful. i dont have pics to share but we did try to have a little fun with it. please pray for the whole koproski clan (1 dad, 1 mom, 3 kids, and 1 crazy dog) as elizabeth starts the chemo journey. please pray that God helps e with the feelings of doubt and uncertainty, pray that the kids can handle all that is changing at home, pray for wisdom for all the health professionals that the treatments will be effective!! i have been so blessed by these three women (mack, lisa, and elizabeth) and i am glad that we were able to spend time together even when they are all facing so much in the next few weeks. the last picture that i am wishing i had, regretting that i dont have, is a picture of me holding my sweet baby charlotte. the day we said goodbye went so fast and so emotional that i didnt even think about it. i wish i had one of our little family of three. i appreciate the two pictures of charlotte that we have but i wish there were more, lots more, but especially one of my baby and me together. i guess this is where my snapshot view of events past will have to come into play. please pray that i will let that be enough, that i wont beat myself up for not having the pictures. i know that i cant reverse time, but sometimes it sure would be nice!!!

thank you for praying for me and for my friends...i know that we all have stuff in our lives that we have to deal with and that we are asking for prayer about. if you are like me than you consider it an honor to be able to pray specifically for others in need. so, thank you for doing that for me and for lisa and for elizabeth!

blessings, ALo

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  1. You are such an inspiration! I love to read your posts. I will pray for you...I have no pictures of my Landry either...I miss her every day. I wish I had taken some....