Monday, February 7, 2011

The Change...

i know that it has been just over a week since i changed my hair color. i am sorry that it has taken me so long to post a few pics. to be totally honest i have not been doing much with myself each day. on the upside, i am saving serious cash by not doing my makeup everyday :) sorry if you have had to look at me! so, i am not kidding when i say that i have looked like makeup and sweat pants/sweat shirt and my grown out hair...good thing my hair is dark or we could have a paparazzi issue right here in jamestown! :)

i wanted to post a shout out to my sweet cousin ashlyn. she is a senior at baylor university, which means that she is super busy!! regardless, ashlyn (aka birdie, at least to me she still is!) takes time to text me a bible verse or a portion of some of her favorite worship songs every day. sometimes the text comes in the afternoon, sometimes they come VERY late a night (oh, to be a young college student again), but no matter when they are always what i need. last night the message came during a time when i was feeling a little overwhelmed by my emotions. it just goes to show that God is looking out for me and sends a reminder of His comfort when i need it most. so, thanks birdie, for using your faith and love for me as an encouragement and support when i need it most! love you!

now, for the long awaited photos :) some of you have been very persistent in asking for them!!

this picture is the day i told peter that we were going to have a baby! so, i know that my bangs are pulled back, but that is also the day i started growing it out.

this picture shows, for those that dont know me well, the haircut that i am (trying to) patiently grow out, the cut and color that brings me the clients...i want that girl with the mohawk. its NOT a mohawk, its a faux hawk, right mom?? :)

this picture is me today, literally. i am still rockin a headband! this is one of the few things i can fit into at forever21! :) color wise...a rich chocolate brown! today i have the sides pulled back into the headband so that i dont look like i have a mushroom on my head. i am getting there! sorry i dont have a picture with peter, but he is in bed sick :( he says that he loves this hair way better though. i know the saying usually goes "happy wife, happy life", but i try (sometimes) to listen to what he says :)

so i hope that you are all happy now!

today just pray that peter gets better! he tries not to complain too much, but nobody likes being sick.

please continue to pray from my friends elizabeth and lisa. both are facing big things this week at doctor appointments!!

blessings, ALo


  1. love the change =) thanks for posting the pictures! miss you guys

  2. You are so beautiful Aimee! Hope Peter feels better!!

  3. You have an amazing smile! You are beautiful!

  4. You look BEAUTIFUL!!! Been thinking of you!!!

  5. You are so cute! I LOVE the hair :)