Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the letter

well, we all survived christmas and a blizzard in new jersey! now, i am back to the grind for a few days before a respite in florida for NYE!

i just wanted to update everyone on where we are with the whole rude doctor issue. i called the monday after said appointment to see if i could reschedule the remaining appointments with the other doctor. well, that cant happen :( i have decided to cut my hours back at work to every tuesday and thursday and every other saturday (peter is totally excited to have a wife again instead of a roommate!). well, the other doctor only works tuesday and thursday afternoons and i cant take off every two weeks for an ultrasound and i dont want to be going to 2 different doctor locations to see him on a different day when i also have to see my regular Ob every two weeks. i then asked if the nice tech, Kathy, could just do the scans and send the results to Dr. Wood (my OB). apparently that cant happen either. Dr. Kovacs, aka crazy lady, has to come in, do the scan, and then sign off on the chart. GREAT! so, apparently this is going be a another test of my patience! per Dr. Wood's suggestion and the developing issues, i decided to indeed send Dr. Kovacs a letter. the following is the letter...i tried to be direct without being rude or crazy...i hope she gets the hint!

Dr. Kovacs and Associates:

I have been a patient at the Miami Valley office for the last several weeks and have been under the care of Dr. Kovacs and Dr. McKenna. As you are aware, my first ultrasound showed excessive fluid in the nuchal fold. I have come back for two other appointments including an amniocentesis test. My husband and I have been told that our little girl has turner’s syndrome and with all of the fluid in and around the baby’s body there is no chance of survival past delivery. I understand that this is a very slim chance, but because of our faith and religious beliefs we are hoping and praying for a miracle. We understand that the miracle would be life past delivery and that, regardless, the baby will be facing difficulties. In knowing what we know, all the facts that your office and Dr. Wood’s office have given us, as well as our own research, we know what we are up against. With that being said, we will never terminate our pregnancy. We are choosing to carry until the baby’s heart stops beating. We know that if the baby is born there will be very severe complications. My requests from this point on are that termination will not be brought up or asked of us again and that conversations of complications will only be brought up if there are new or changing situations. As you can imagine, this situation is very hard for my husband and me. I am now coming every two weeks for ultrasounds and to see Dr. Wood. I have been trying to stay strong and be positive and that would be much easier for me if I were to come in and not have to worry about defending the choices my husband and I have made. If there are questions or a need to change my appointments, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your help and patience as we are going through a very hard time!


thanks for reading!! happy New Year!!

blessings, ALo


  1. Very politely stated and to the point. Love you

  2. Very well said! It saddens me that you have had to even write it. You are so strong! Praying for you.

  3. I just had a chance to check up on you guys and was so sad to hear about all of the happenings at your doctors appointments. We are praying for you guys and want to encourage you that it is so evident that God is working in your lives to do something great in and through this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! ~ Rachel

  4. I just noticed that you are in Ohio... so am I. We don't know each other, but I have kept up with your blog, and am praying for your sweet blessing!

  5. You did an excellent job . with your letter. You are a true testimony of your faith and love for our Savior. Praying for you through the days and weeks ahead. Love to you guys!