Sunday, December 4, 2011

All in a day's work

Wow...i am exhausted!!! i know that i have not blogged in a while, but right after thanksgiving, my job kicked into high gear! my job title is COF Students Event and Programming Director. basically, i am in charge of coordinating special events and helping with details for the weekend services. this past friday (12/2) our student team pulled off our first big middle school event since jason and i have been on staff. MAD House was from light party with indoor dodgeball, photo booth, dj and dance floor, graffiti wall, VIP lounge (VIPs also came in limos), and a cafe. we had 202 sixth through eighth graders and somewhere around 25 to 30 volunteers. it was AWESOME!!! i have heard nothing but good things about the event, which makes me so happy. our team did an amazing job! we all worked great and got it done! thursday night before the event, we had to clear the worship center of all chairs and communion tables (about 2000 chairs and 12 tables) after our monthly thursday night worship night. on friday, after our event, we had to clean and reset the worship center for church services on saturday night. there is NO WAY that we could have pulled this (or any part of the event) off without our AMAZING volunteers! they came early, stayed late, ate cold pizza, and in the end were still smiling by the end of it all. i am so blessed to work with people who love to do this along with us!

this weekend we had church services as usual. our TeamBringIt is all pretty whipped, but so glad that we could hang with students, be silly and show that church is fun!

thanks to all who have been praying for this event, my new job, our is all greatly appreciated! i am so blessed!!!

hope you all have a great week...i am going to bed!! :)

blessings, ALo

ps. can you believe that i have no pics from MAD House or thanksgiving??? i dont know what happened! :( sad!

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