Monday, April 8, 2013

New Crazy

well, of course, my life has taken on a new form of crazy. i am the mother of twin girls...i think that explains it all! so, i am sorry for the lack of posts, but this first four weeks has been all about learning how to adjust to this new crazy life.

honestly, i must have been reading major horror stories, and people must only tell me the crappy stories of being a mom of multiples because, so far, this has gone a lot better than i ever expected! i do have awesome babies though too! they both are great eaters and sleepers. i dont love the whole diaper part, but that is probably normal! :) today, my favorite thing we do is bath time...they love it, and i love how they smell after!

the first three weeks home we were lucky enough to have our moms here! peters mom, susan, was here for two weeks and my mom this whole last week. this is the first week we are on our own! my sister and 2 year old niece will be here thursday, but until then...just babies and momma!!

we have had some really awesome adventures the last few weeks: Easter (yes, we went to church. the girls looked adorable), lots of shopping (including a 3 hour trip to the outlet mall), a day trip to waco, tx. (waco is two and a half hours away, i have cousins that are there at Baylor), and buying a new car for momma! the girls are really good about traveling and being out and about, thankfully!! we love to meet up with people for lunch or coffee or a stroll around target (we haven't done that yet...i have to figure out the logistics of that...2 carseats but only room for one in the cart!)

with all our running around, i am not surprised that someone got sick. that someone was me and it was on Easter. :( so sad!! we had gone to church saturday night to avoid some of the major crowds, but we still saw plenty of people we knew. sunday i woke up not feeling that great and as the day progressed, i just kept feeling worse. we went to our friends house for an Easter cookout, and i spent the whole time sleeping on the sad! thankfully no one else in the house got it!!

that sickness did a number on me...and a HUGE number on my milk supply. that has been the hardest thing for me during this new journey...nursing. in the beginning, the girls did not want to/couldnt figure out how to latch on. after several days, we were all frustrated and stressed out. so, i started pumping and still supplementing with formula. i was not producing enough for both girls, but started taking fenugreek and eating lactation cookies (thanks, lisa!!) and drinking a TON of water. i was getting almost two ounces (total) each time i pumped (yeah, not a lot). but being sick really took a toll. i am now only getting a little less than an ounce (total) at each pump session. what a bummer!! i am so sad!! i have thought several times about giving up, but i am still holding out hope that my supply will pick up again. my biggest frustration is that i feel like a failure. i am supposed to be able to do this, my body is supposed to be able to do this. yes, i know that things happen, but still. i really wanted to be able to do this with and for my girls. both girls are growing like weeds and getting things that they need from the formula, but it would have been ideal to have me suppling the nourishment. but like many things...i made plans to nurse and i have had to change those plans. (that has been a theme the last four weeks!)

my life is crazy, but its amazing! its demanding, but so rewarding! its the most amazing blessing to be the mom to these two beautiful baby girls!!

Claire loves this hair bow, i promise!! 

Claire has fuzzy hair after her baths!! 

Annabel was ticked during Easter morning pictures!! lol

Cousin Alyson (sophomore at Baylor) loved having coffee with the girls!

Cousin Brett (on the football coaching staff at Baylor) tried getting the  twins recruited! 

Claire was serious about shopping for her new hat

Annabel was totally underwhelmed!

Thanks, Mimi, for the cuteness!!

Annabel is becoming a chunky monkey!! 

Annabel loves TV time with mom!

sisters snoozin!

Momma and her babies in our Easter best

3 generations and lots of spring colors! (thats my mom, aka Mimi)

family of four!!! love this!! what a blessing!!

momma's new to us for cars seats and passengers!
we have taken sooooooo many pics...these were just a few! i am seriously obsessed! lol!! we did have a doctor check up a week ago today... Claire weighed in at 6lb 7oz and Annabel was 7lb 6 oz. they are gaining weight really well and we dont go back until their two month check up!! woohoo!!

hope you are all great! thanks for all the continued support and encouragement!!

blessings, ALo


  1. Awesome! Love all the pictures!

  2. They are so darn cute!!! And you look amazing and I know you're doing an amazing job as a mom! Do you read Words of Williams? It's a great blog.. Kelsey did a post on breastfeeding and her struggles with it. I know how hard that must be for you. You should check this out just to know that other moms have felt the same way you do! Stay strong and hang in there!!