Tuesday, April 9, 2013

One Month

the LOtwins are one month old!! i really cant believe it! this month has flown by!! we are so thankful for how this first month has gone! i have loved (almost) every single moment. the only thing that was hard was recovering from surgery...feeling and knowing that i missed out on the very first few moments/day of their life because i was recovering. but, aside from that, life has never been more perfect, more fulfilling, and more unpredictable!

Claire Mackenzie:
loves to look around and becomes very wide eyed when moving from dark to light rooms. she loves to look at herself in the mirror when getting her diaper changed or getting dressed...we could be in trouble! :) she is a good eater, but makes a complete mess of herself and whoever is feeding her. she is now eating between 3 and 4 ounces every few hours. she is a great sleeper and doesnt even wake up when her sister screeches! claire is still our little peanut, but has gained almost 2 pounds this month. claire needs to work on her neck strength a little, but she is doing very good for her size! claire fits great into newborn onesies/tops, but newborn pants are too big around her waist. however, she is too big, especially too long, for preemie pants. we still call her curious claire...she just loves to know what is going on...when she is actually awake! :)

a little shy at first...look at that dark hair!!
hi, mom! i love those little bloomer shorts! 
we think she looks like her daddy, just more girly :)
passed out on daddy during pictures :)

Annabel Marie:
really loves to be held!! that has become even more evident the last two days. she gets upset when i have to feed or bathe claire in the mornings and no one is there to hold her. she is a good eater and keeps a lot more of it in her mouth, she just takes a little longer. annabel is our little grunter...she makes so many noises throughout the day, including the cutest snorting noises especially when she is done eating. annabel is becoming our chunky monkey. she is starting to little rolls and i love it! i just love kissing her cheeks. she fits great into newborn clothes, but is also abel to wear a few 0-3 month outfits. she is about a pound heavier and inch longer than claire. she really loves bath time and becomes so alert during her bath. i treasure those few moments! annabel loves to wake me up at night by screeching at the top of her lungs...its piercing. annabel was laid back in the beginning, but has shown us her more dramatic side as of late. annabel loves to cuddle with her daddy and it melts my heart to see them together. i am totally in love with this little girl!

yes there are a few more pics of annabel...thats because her mood was all over the place...its was so funny!
she got really ticked right away...mad i changed her clothes and put on the headband. 

annabel mid screech

then acting like nothing happened
little smirk...mischievous just like her momma! 
then she totally passed out!

just wanted to hang with her daddy. she looks a lot like me!

they are really sweet babies and i am so blessed!
attempt number one: two screaming babies. just like our mornings. it happens! 

they love their daddy!!! 

attempt number two: much better and the normal. laid back sleeping babies.

 blessings, ALo

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  1. They are the cutest twins ever! Thanks for sharing just reading your post and looking at thouse two sweet babies gives me so much HOPE!