Sunday, February 10, 2013

Room with a View

wow...what a whirlwind of a few days! i was released from the hospital on wednesday afternoon and made it home just before my mom got there and peter was there within 30 min. so awesome!! thanks for all the prayers tuesday and wednesday! i am fine. claire and annabel are fine. my doctor was (thankfully) just being cautious. long story short, my BP was normal every reading but the first. i got two steroid shots to help the babies' lungs. i have no signs of labor outside of contractions, which are completely normal for a twin pregnancy (especially this far into it).

i had a total blast with my mom while she was here (which was a super short visit). she spoiled me and the girls while she was here, took peter and i out to good restaurants, and sat and watched TV with me. i love that! thursday night our really good friend, bennett (brandon bennett) came in from cleveland ohio for a few days. it was so nice to see him!!! it has been almost 2 years since i have seen him...that is kinda sad!! bennett is basically responsible for introducing peter and i. the three of us have been close friends for just over 10 years! we kept it low key, but thats what makes bennett such a good friend. he didnt expect us to to all kinds of crazy activities...we were all just happy to hang out! the boys did go to an nba game friday night, but most of the time we were all hanging on the couch. in is exactly what i needed. rest and some of my most favorite people around!

while bennett was here, we all put the finishing touches on the nursery. yep, its pretty much finished!!! the only things missing are the changing pad (coming soon), canvases above the cribs (pics will be taken after the birth) and of course the girls!!! it has been so fun getting things ready and pretty for the girls. the original plan was to use a different room, but when we learned there were two on the way, we moved the room across the hall. we have had help from some great friends and some decorating instruction from the amazing Holly Mathis. thanks so much to my amazing hubby who rarely told me no. :) he worked so hard in there with me. i know he loved doing it for all of his girls. in case you want to see are a "few" pics.

what you see when you walk in!! paint is Platinum Grey by Ben Moore. rug is Land of Nod

changing area. dresser has just been repainted, not new! lamp is target, all other decor is hobby lobby.

chair is from babies r us, pillow and drapes made by my friend jacqueline. fabric from hobby lobby

craft table and stools (top is chalkboard & reversible with hidden storage) from

this was a baby gift given to me!! from a long time family friend, Pat Jones, who is from texas. so glad i still have it!!  priceless! 

cutest rocking lamb ever!! prob my favorite thing in the nursery!! from restoration hardware 
crib one. cant wait to see a canvas with a newborn pic hanging soon! 

cribs from pottery barn. kendall fixed gate crib

i made these...thanks to another pinterest project. white, hot pink, light pink and silver.

crib friends! crib bedding from

corner shot (from the chair and peter's height!) 

beautiful chandelier from my friend shellie's shop, the little eclectic house here is houston (

another corner shot from peter's height. armoire is also repainted. we spray painted the hardware ourselves too.  glass vase from shellie's shop and bird cage from hobby lobby. canvas pin board was a gift from my shower. :)

thats pretty much it! i have been going up there every day the last few weeks to spend time praying for the girls. i get a little overwhelmed thinking there will be two little babies here very soon, but i know that God has blessed us so richly!! today i prayed that these girls would grow up loving their home (regardless of where that is or how it is decorated). that their home would be a place of love and comfort and refuge. i prayed that their room will be full of laughter, giggles, encouragement, and fun. over the last few weeks i have been meditating on jeremiah 29:11...for me, for others, and especially for our girls. God has a plan for claire and annabel. a plan to prosper them/grow them. plans for their future. and that plan is not one of hurt or pain. a plan of HOPE. thank you, God!! what a promise! what a reassurance!!

only a few more weeks!! we are hoping so at least!!

blessings, ALo

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