Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Alarm Clock

so, in all the books that i have been reading lately it talks about how the LOtwins are already starting on a schedule. its crazy because, in the mornings the girls are very active from about 6:15 to 7:15...its like they know its morning and time to get a move on. there are a few other times throughout the day that this happens too. i dont have the big rolling across the belly movements any more (not enough room) but they sure know how to give me a jolt with a punch or kick or booty dance (they do not get that from me, by the way!!) well, yesterday in the early hours of the morning, we must have lost power. at just before 3 am i woke up from all the kicks and karate moves going on in my belly. i was a little bit annoyed because they were strong enough that i knew i would not be falling back to sleep. so, i took my phone off the charger and decided to play a little tetris in bed (yep, i still LOVE tetris!). but when i looked at my phone the time said 6:56am. what??? for real?? i looked at the clock and back to my phone and then over to peter's side of the bed. uh-oh. he was still there. typically, peter is up by 6:20 and out the door for work by 6:30 to miss the major traffic. i said in a gentle voice (at least i hope it was) "honey, i think its almost 7am. i know your clock says 3am, but your phone will say 7am." "what?? uh..." "honey, the girls woke me up, they know its time to get up. im sorry". SO CRAZY!!! the girls saved the day!! well, they saved peter from leaving any later than he already was. i just cant believe it. i think its so cool!

i had a good doctors appointment yesterday. they are still in there cooking. i am still fully closed. dr. todd gave peter and i the green light to get away this weekend, just the two of us!!! :) still praying for a few more weeks! i am getting pretty uncomfortable and rather tired, but i know they are not ready yet!! my biggest complaint (even though i dont like to complain) would just be the heartburn/indigestion and my itchy belly (serious stretch marks!) it will all be worth it in the end! here is a pic before i went to the appointment. 32 weeks!

if you are not friends with peter on instagram or facebook, you should check out some of his pictures from honduras. he has some amazing stories!!! the views are amazing, the little girls all look so sweet, and the team got a ton accomplished! the girls loved that peter is so tall!! lol! i love his big heart and his willingness to go and serve but more importantly to come home changed by these sweet girls and all that God is doing in honduras at Casa de Esther. check out photos here. (these photos were taken by jamie from Casa de Esther) this is one of my favs!!!

hope y'all have a great day!! its a beautiful sunny day here in houston...and its chilly!! perfect!!

blessings, ALo

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  1. You look amazing! So great you are fully closed and girls are doing good. Been praying for you and Peter and those sweet girls!