Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A little observation

well, today has been a little bit eventful.

first, if you follow me on twitter or facebook...thanks for praying throughout the day, especially because i was giving you very little info. i was doing my best, but until about now, there was no down time to give more. here's what happened:

i had a routine weekly appointment scheduled at 11am with dr. todd. earlier in the day, i was receiving some not so good news about a family form our church. on friday, they gave birth to baby ava at 26 weeks. i knew she was in the NICU at the same hospital i go to for my appointments, so i was planning on stopping by and praying with the family right after my appointment. sadly, baby ava passed away and went to be with Jesus this morning. i got the news just as i was heading back to get my blood pressure checked. i knew it was going to be high...i told the nurse that. sure enough 138/84. VERY high for me!!! when dr. todd came in he was very concerned about my BP, the amount of cramping i was having, and the pressure in my pelvic area. he said i needed to go right down to labor and delivery for some observation and monitoring. i asked if it was really necessary as peter is still in honduras and i had not come prepared to be here. so said it was, that "he liked me too much not to be safe". to make this long story short, my BP is back to normal 112/58, my FFN (fetal fibronectin: swab test in "lady parts" to check for the possibility of preterm labor) came back negative, and my physical check and ultrasound both showed that my cervix is closed and long and that my uterus is high and thick. all very good things. i am still having contractions, but nothing long and strong or consistent. i am also feeling better after they let me have something to eat and drink. they also gave me a shot of steroids just to be sure that if i go into preterm labor and end up delivering, the girls will be fine. i wish i could just go home and rest, but i know that i am in good hands here. i have until late tomorrow afternoon for the 2nd shot...sometime around 3. looks like i will end up meeting my mom at my house and peter wont be far behind (hopefully). i am sure that i freaked him out a little bit, but i have been in really great hands! i have had such an outpouring of people here in houston that have offered to come bring me food or to just sit with me. i dont like putting people out, but i did let my friend jess come and bring me things like clean underwear and my computer. my friend jacqueline brought me some of my most favorite snacks. crazy things is, i didnt even tell her what they were...she guessed and totally got it right!! :) thanks so much to all you have offered. i feel so loved!!

please pray that these little girls keep growing on the inside!! they hated being on the monitors today...they are very active making it a challenge for all. but that is a good thing. the nurses were consistently coming in to change the sensors position, it was a little bit funny. ideally. claire and annabel will give us at least a few more weeks to get ready!!

please pray for my mom, uncle mike, and joann (mom's friend) as they travel to houston tomorrow. it is such great timing to have my mom here the rest of this week!!! God is so good!!!

please pray for peter and his team as they travel back from honduras tomorrow afternoon. i just got off the phone with him...he has had an amazing time!! i cant wait to hear all about it!!! i know he doesnt really want to leave those sweet girls behind. knowing i am being observed has probably helped him be a little more ready to come home. he is already making plans to go back!! :)

PLEASE be praying for the ritter family. i can imagine, only slightly, what they are going through having to say good bye to their sweet baby, ava dawn. erin and brady have three other small girls at home. i am sure they do not understand. grief is so hard without trying to help young children understand or to keep them on a healthy schedule. just please pray for God's comfort during this unimaginable time.

thanks so much for all your prayers!!! for me, for claire and annabel, for mom and peter, and for the ritter family!!

blessings, ALo


  1. Soooo glad to hear that all is going well :) We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. -Sheryl

  2. Praying for you, Aimee! I look forward to hearing the news in the weeks to come that your little girls have arrived. Tricia