Monday, January 14, 2013

I Learned from the Best

my mom is awesome. i think a lot of people could say that about their mom, but i really mean it. sure, we have had our ups and downs while i was growing up, but now she is much more to me than the person that grounded me for bad choices. there are so many things i could share, but this post would end up being really long. but, you know someone is awesome when more than one person says it...thats my many people think she is fantastic. here are a few VERY recent things that make me think she is awesome...

1. my mom taught me from an early age the importance of thank you notes. yes, it can be very time consuming. yes, it would be very easy to send a mass text or facebook message, but that just does not cut it. i know that over the next couple months i will write a lot of notes, but it is worth to express our gratitude to those who take the time, energy and money to spoil our babies. in fact, i sent out 6 notes just this morning. one of those was to my mom for gifts and cribs for the girls. of course, after i sent the notes out a package from my mom came. she sent a gift because she (obviously) cant come to a shower here in texas, but she was invited. lol. awesome!! thanks mom!!

2. my mom taught me to do chores right away rather than putting it off until later. of course, i do not always do that. in fact, if you ask most people, especially peter, i am not a good house wife. i hate doing dishes, i hate taking care of clean laundry, my car usually has stuff (bags, umbrellas, water bottles) on the seats, etc. although i have found, even if i hate to admit it, life is much easier if i follow what my mom taught me. dishes take half the time if you do them right away (before food gets stuck on there), my room looks better and is easier to navigate when i take care of i can easily find what i want to wear without having to iron anything, if i take care of clothes when they come out of the dryer. anyway, you get the picture. i did not make any real new years resolutions, but i am striving to do those three things (dishes, laundry, car care) much better this year. so far it is going well. peter and i are both happy about it! my life is about to be much crazier and if i can help myself out in anyway, i am all about it! thanks mom for helping us understand the importance of being tidy, even if it has taken me 30 years to get it!!! ps. if you have ever been to my mom's house, you will know how serious she is about it...there is never anything out of place and only dishes in the sink while guests are still there so they dont feel bad if she does them in front of them :)

3. my mom is a phenomenal cook/baker. i know she has probably had a few things that did not turn out or tasted a little off, but i cant really remember (except for these nasty chicken enchiladas that we had when i was in middle school, but i was a brat. i would love them now). as kids, we of course did not appreciate my mom and her cooking. i remember mom setting the timer for jonathan every time she made something with ground weird. now, you will regularly find me calling my mom for cooking advice, recipes, and just to talk "shop" about what we are making. i know that i love to help others by cooking/baking because that is what mom does. i love to celebrate with food, grieve with food, just love food. here is a link to a cake i made just this weekend. Ritz Carlton Lemon Pound Cake. peter was gone most of saturday. i know that he loves pound cake. so while he was gone, i decided to make him one. everyone that has had a piece has loved it. not too fruity or sweet, but very dense like a good pound cake. i didnt have whole milk and just used the skim milk that i had...still great. mom, thanks for being a great cook and for teaching me the difference between dried mince onion and real onion... :)

4. last one for today. my mom loves to spend time with people. she loves to entertain (which helps that she is a fabulous cook), but she also loves to help other people. growing up we always adopted a family at christmas to help them out, always anonymously. we always supported missions, both short term and long term made it possible for me to travel to over 10 foreign countries doing short term missions. she generously gives to others through her church and other non-profit organizations. today, as i called to thank my mom for a gift (yes, i will send her a note) and to tell her i was making her favorite taco soup, she went on to tell me about what she and nate were doing. usually, mondays are spent a mission pointe (a local restaurant) with nate and grant (my brothers) and other friends. but today, mom and nate are going to help a single mom make it to bible study. this mom has 3 children under the age of 4, has no transportation, and lives in government housing. nate was a little sketched out, but my mom is following something that God has laid on her heart. she felt a pull to help this lady in a practical way. she and nate are leaving the comfort of their routine and life of plenty to go help a family that is just trying to make it sometimes. they are going tonight to take care of the kids and will see how things go, so they know how to prepare for next week. all so this other mom can go to bible study. how cool! giving back in the most simple of ways. i bet next week she takes food!! mom, thanks for making this a big part of who i am. helping other people enjoy life and grow their relationship with God just by being who you are is so amazing for me!!

i know that we are all who we are because of the influence of someone else in our lives, most likely our parents. i am so blessed that my mom has made a huge impact on my life, especially in such a positive way. it is exciting to see how i will respond to parenting claire and annabel because of my friend, encourager, supporter, sounding board, and shopping partner in crime. :) i love you, mom!!! good luck with those little kids tonight!! tell nate they are just preparing him for his nieces :)

tell your mom tonight how much you love much she means to you!!

blessings, ALo

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