Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Home Stretch

woohoo!!! we are 28 weeks today...3rd trimester!!! i cant believe in about 8 weeks these LoTwins will be here! some days it feels this pregnancy has just flown by, some days it feels like its dragging. usually those "dragging" days are because i have done too much through out the day. but really and truly, i feel great! here are a few quick little things about how things are going...

* this week i have been craving frosted mini wheat cereal
* i have been up to no good again...lots of baking! anyone have any requests?? i really shouldnt eat any more sweets!
* i am no longer doing full days of hair. last week after a full day i had braxton hicks.
* i have been pretty "homesick" (hence the post about mom) but was so excited when she called to tell me she is visiting in three weeks, i cant wait!!!
* my first baby shower is this monday...i have no idea what to wear!
* i am still working at the church, just sitting down a little more.
* claire and annabel have been moving like crazy!! i love that feeling, even when they make me slightly uncomfortable.
* i do feel like i am running out of room.
* they are each supposed to be about 15 in. long, but last time we checked, they were two weeks ahead in length. like dr. todd said, "huge babies"
* i measured my belly last is 47.5 inches around!
* my belly button is barely there...such a strange feeling/sight.
* stretch marks...yep! right now just on the front of my belly, but they are pretty bright!!
* i am now up 22.5 pounds.
* its weird when your big pregnant belly makes your "girls up top" look small!! lol
* my biggest complaint is heartburn, but that is more than manageable!!!
* i am still sleeping, but not as well as i used to.
* the nursery is coming together...lots of little things to do, but so cute, even if i say so myself (pics to come soon)
* i am so blessed and i cant wait to meet these girls...hopefully sometime after march 13!!

here are two belly pics from the last few days...
Sunday after church. 27 weeks 5 days
27 week 6 days (last night). my mom bought me this cute shirt, so i had to show her how it looked. i also colored my hair in the morning but chose to forgo makeup (a common thing now days)
here are a few pics from charlotte's birthday celebration...i forgot to post them last week.
2nd birthday balloons. we released our note balloons and kept the mylar.
mommy's note to her baby girl!
daddy's note to his sweet girl!
Charlotte's 2nd bday cake. it was pretty good! 
3rd trimeseter...i am glad to meet you!! lets get to know each other for at least 7 weeks!

blessings, ALo


  1. You look great! And happy belated birthday, Charlotte! :)

  2. Girl, you're carrying TWINS, and your belly measures the same size as mine. Guess your girls can't be THAT big!