Saturday, November 24, 2012


i feel like we have been on a whirlwind the last few weeks! right now, i am sitting on the love seat in my hubby's old bed room in plainfield, nj! last friday we flew from houston to atlanta to pittsburg, pa. we spent 4 days in washington, pa. visiting peter's mom and her family there. i was hoping that the travel would be uneventful, but no such luck. one of my worst fears came to be...i had to throw up on the airplane (hasnt happened in about 18 years!) thankfully, or not thankfully, i made it to the airplane restroom. do you know how disgusting those things are? and then to be squatting, 5 months prego with twins, trying not to touch anything in said disgusting space. thinking about it made me loose my cookies a few more times. i wouldnt call myself germaphobic, but there are limits and that crossed all of mine!! anyway, our time in pennsylvania was nice! we hadnt seen his grandparents in about 14 months, so that was awesome. we also saw his two great aunts and his aunt and uncle and cousin from maryland. we all celebrated thanksgiving on sunday afternoon. wednesday morning we packed up and just as we were about to head out to the car to begin the drive to new jersey, we got a text from our "fake family" in ohio that they were passing through washington and wanted to grab coffee. it was so awesome to see some of our ohio family (doug, caroline, and breezy) even just for a few minutes. my "fake sister" morgan lives in west virginia with her husband. they are expecting their first baby about 3 weeks before the LOtwins come. so fun!!! most of wednesday was spent on the road driving...the worst traveling day of the year was not as bad as it could have been, but of course i was sick almost the whole drive, so i tried to sleep the vast majority of it. are you catching a theme here? i am a horrible traveler, even as a child, i tend to get very motion sick! heartburn and pregnancy did not help this trip. thankfully, peter, laura, and bob were very understanding and allowed me pit stops when needed. it was really nice to spend extra time traveling with peter's sister, laura, and her husband, bob. laura and i get along really well...we love our girl chats! neither one of us are that great on the phone, so we have to make up for lost time when we see each other. :) bob and laura left new jersey this morning to head back to pennsylvania to get ready for the first day of deer season (monday). we got to see all of the new jersey family while they were here, which was great. thanksgiving dinner on thursday was a huge success and we had lots of great food, some of which laura and i had a part of making. peter and i leave for home tomorrow afternoon. we are glad to have a direct flight from new york into houston, but the flight is about 4 hours. please pray i do NOT get sick on this flight!!! 

i know it has been a while. things with the LOtwins have been going great. i am starting to feel pretty big! today i am 20 weeks and 3 days. definitely over half way! i guess with twins, 18 weeks is half way...but either way, we are starting to get super excited! this tuesday, the 27th, we will have our big anatomy scan and also find out the genders of the LOtwins!!! we cant wait!!!! we have planned a gender reveal party with some friends...and since i feel like i can eat sweets again, i am excited to share that with our friends in houston. here is the invite we sent out...thanks to my awesome friend, amos, for designing the invite (if you ever need anything done graphically, let me know, i will get you his contact info). here are a few pics from this week too! check back tuesday night for a blog gender reveal!! :) 

Caroline, me, Breezy, Peter, Doug. miss them so much!!!
Bob and Laura on thanksgiving. so thankful for them!!
20wks1day with 2 banana sized babies! definitely showing!!
my hunky hubby and me at his grandparents on thanksgiving. i LOVE his beard!! hope he doesnt shave it off dec. 1!
i pray you all had a very blessed thanksgiving! i know the holidays can be very difficult for some. i am praying that we all feel God's love and continue to see His blessings throughout this whole holiday season! 

blessings, ALo

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