Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gender Reveal

well, its now official!!

we are having two little GIRLS!!!

Claire Mackenzie and Annabel Marie.

i am super tired tonight after a day full of excitement, but i wanted to share a few photos of the big party!! we were so blessed by all of our friends that came to celebrate with us...just over 60 people! so awesome! thanks to all that came and to all those have said congrats and wished us well through social media!! our little girls are going to be sooooo spoiled!!

besides finding out they are girls, everything looked great today! the one comment my doctor had was, "these babies are huge". lol!!! uh, thanks??!!?? they will surely take after their daddy!!

we received some really sweet gifts tonight too...i will post some cute pics of that later and more about the fun party...but i am just too tired :) thanks for understanding!! i will also post pics of the girls :) they are so cute!!!
the desserts, including cookies shaped as lips and mustaches!! :) 

Baby A cake

Baby B cake


look at everyone's faces as they realize whats going on...priceless!!

Claire and Annabel's first outfits from us (mommy and daddy!!!)

thanks for being patient, but for being so excited with us. we are truly blessed. God is sooooo good!! good night!

blessings, ALo


  1. So excited for you!!!

    Who knew the babies sex and who baked the cakes for you?

  2. Oh I am THRILLED!!! Charlotte's little sisters! I love the pic with everyone's faces! Congratulations!