Saturday, May 12, 2012

Not So Joyous

to baby loss moms, especially those of us who do not have any kids here on earth, mother's day is hard. really hard. to those with kids, i can imagine that it is still hard thinking about the children that should be here celebrating you. i have been thinking about mothers day all week. with my job at the church, i will be busy most of the day, hopefully that will be a good thing. for baby loss moms, a day that should be bright, exciting, and all about us becomes grey, lonely, and all about what/who we are missing. mothers day is awkward. how do you respond? how do you talk about your angel babies without making people feel uncomfortable? do you stand in church to be recognized? do you say thanks? see...just awkward!

for baby loss moms who are facing their first mothers day: i am sorry. i know this is hard! i remember feeling all the fear, anxiety, sadness and jealousy.

for baby loss "mothers day veterans": will it always be hard? does it hurt less when you have kids next to you on mothers day?

i was really hoping to tell everyone this weekend that we were pregnant...i was hoping that would help me this year. maybe soon!!

i will be praying for all baby loss moms. praying for peace that passes all understanding. praying for comfort from the only God that knows what it feels like to loose a Son. praying for grace when responding to unintentional insensitivity. praying for healthy and helpful love and encouragement from friends and family. praying you experience true joy when thinking of your child, perfect and healthy, in heaven celebrating you and all that you did for them.

happy mother's day! you are loved!

blessings, ALo

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