Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two peas

two peas in a pod? not my girls! they are very different from each other! its pretty funny actually. you have seen the pics, but every time we go to the doctor and strip them down it is just so much more evident. plus, annabel is my drama queen. that really showed through today during shots. (ps. shots are awful!!! i know all you moms know what i mean! i almost started crying today too!!)

so, as promised here are a few more pics and 2 month stats! i cant believe how much each of them has grown in just a few short weeks! i wish i could just stop time and keep them babies, but i know that i will love each stage of their growing up...well maybe not LOVE every thing in each stage, but you know what i mean. each will present its own trials and triumphs, but that is what will keep me on my toes! and with twins!! my life will never be dull again!

one last thing...thanks to my "village" who has helped me get the girls on a schedule this last week. from moms of multiples to singletons, each has been so encouraging and helpful...we are doing so much better now! its also so nice to have two healthy babies again! today was a great day, even with the shots, because we are finally on a good schedule!

sweet curious claire's stats at her 2 month check: weight 9.9 (11th percentile); height 21 1/2 inches (10th percentile); head 15 inches (50th percentile).

drama diva annabel's stats at her 2 month check: weight 11.8 (50th percentile); height 23 inches (75th percentile; head 15 1/4 inches (75th percentile).

so, claire is a peanut and annabel is a champ at packing it on!! :) remember, claire weighed 4.11 at birth and annabel weighed 5.9!

annabel on mothers day. love these sweet dresses from some friends!

claire. and they were rocking their daisy sandals from ashley!!

claire and her make shift sleep mask today at nap time. 
annabel has awesome amazing eyelashes

the girls were rocking head to toe vera bradley outfits today from mimi (my mom).
snoozing after shots
dont even think about waking her up!!
awesome hair claire!!

the following are from our  2 month pictures. the first three are claire and then 3 of annabel. i think the crying pictures are so funny!

trying to get both together is hard! good enough!!
this was at the doctors office today. really shows how much bigger annabel is compared to claire. can you believe these girls are twins??!!?? i love them both so much!!

Psalm 89:1 "I will sing of the LORD's great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations."

blessings, ALo

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  1. I'm a twin and we have ALWAYS been OPPOSITES! :) Love all your pictures and so thankful they are healthy!