Wednesday, May 1, 2013

oh man!

i am typing this one other is rocking drama queen. i have tried several times to sit down and blog but between two babies, company, lots of laundry, and pure exhaustion it has been hard!

things are good. crazy and really hard sometimes, but good. i am still only getting sleep in about 2 hour stretches. the girls are getting better!!! we went for a follow up doctor visit today...all four ears look good. claire has a slight dry cough, but her lungs and heart sounded good, so they are not concerned right now. i just have to keep an eye on it. they are new meds for the was not getting better fast enough on the first medication. i also had the PA look at annabel...i was concerned that she had an inguinal hernia. unfortunately, i was right. :( so, we are being referred to a pediatric surgeon. thankfully, she is not in any pain, but it is a large hernia and needs to be remedied sooner rather than later. i almost had a breakdown in the office. i am glad that i realized what was going on, but i am so sad thinking that my baby may need surgery! the hernia doesnt seem to be bothering annabel at all...she is gaining weight like crazy. as of today's appointment annabel weighed 9 pounds 14 ounces. claire is a little peanut comparatively, she weighed 8 pounds dead on. yep, that is almost 2 pounds difference!!

so, we are still here...we are surviving, even thriving most days!

i couldnt do this without my "village" helping me! thank God for my village, both near and far!!

here are a few pics!

Claire was serious about our coffee time together! :)

We were out shopping and Annabel wanted to say hi to her daddy!

baby eyelashes. love!! (this is annabel)
i got to hang with my friend, Rachel, saturday night at church (i am volunteering with the middle school students) i cant wait to meet baby Ezra in just a few weeks (rach is due the end of june)
awww...daddy and his mini me, claire
peanut claire and her hooded towel. 

chunky monkey annabel!

i was giving claire a bottle and annabel just HAD to be touching me, so she found my elbow and tucked her hand under it and fell right to sleep. momma's girl!! 
lol. this is from just a little bit ago. claire loved to be basically naked, watch out!!
annabel fits just right in her daddy's arms!
this was me the sunday (not quite a week) before the girls were born (3/3/13).

i took this two days ago (4/29/13). i am feeling much better about how my clothes fit. i still have a long way to go, but these new shorts are the same size i was before babies and this is a medium tshirt. i should have taken the belt off, everything is a tad bit flatter.

i will have to post some pics of when peter's dad and sister were here last week...i havent uploaded them yet. :/

i have a special friend coming over for lunch tomorrow. i am hoping to blog about it tomorrow, but please be praying for both of us. God knows her heart and what she needs...i am praying that He protects both of our hearts and gives us a special time of bonding and sharing. thanks!

blessings, ALo

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