Monday, October 8, 2012


ii am so sorry. i guess my last post did not send correctly after i wrote it. i had written an update after our nuchal test a few weeks backs, but i dint see it anywhere on here! i am sorry if i have left you hanging! since that day, life has been so crazy! like...way to busy! i was still getting very sick, tired from normal pregnancy stuff, plus both of my jobs have been keeping me going more than normal. so, i just havent made the time to sit down and let you know how things are going. i am sure you will forgive me.

maybe you realized that no news is good news. it was! we had great news that monday for the nuchal tests! baby a (who i think is a girl) had a nuchal of 1.4 (remember anything under 3.5mm is normal) and baby b (who i think is a boy) had a nuchal of 1.2!! both were very normal! i am thinking girl and boy based on heart rates that day, but that will not be confirmed for at least two more weeks.

i go this friday, october 12, for a check-up and ultrasound. i cant wait to see the babies again! this week i have started to feel a little better (thankfully!!!) and i am even tolerating sugar a little bit better as of today. i have basically skipped as much sugar as possible because it was making me feel so sick. i am just finishing up my 13th week...hello 2nd trimester! i may have been super nauseous the last several weeks, but i never threw up. so...i am up 8 pounds. i have been told that is still ok, but i am hoping that i can now get back into the gym. hopefully with this trimester my weight will not get out of hand. my belly is definitely starting to show. i am told that it is definitely a pregnant belly...i dont look like i just ate too much or have a beer gut (i dont even drink beer, but still).

life is good. i have made a decision to go from doing hair 3 days a week, to one. i have just been too tired and my house and hubby need me to be more available! i am ready to start preparing things for two babies around here, including my job hours! it would be really helpful if i could sleep through the whole night, but i guess my sleep habits are getting ready for babies too. other than that things have been good. this week the babies are each the size of a large lemon or a clenched fist...getting big!!

here are a few pics from the last few weeks.

eyes closed :( 11wks5days


LOtwin A
LOtwin A profile
LOtwin B
LOtwin B profile

 i already love these kids so much!! we are so blessed...even when i feel a little over whelmed by howlife will the best way possible!! i promise to post new pics as soon as i can after this friday's appointment...hope you are ok with me showing off my beautiful babies! :)

blessings, ALo


  1. Thanks so much for the update! Been thinking about the four of you! You have a very cute bump.:) And good for you for starting to set limits on your time... It's hard enough to do when we CAN, it's much harder to do when we HAVE TO.

  2. I love reading your updates - you are looking great and the babies are adorable already :) I am fascinated by twins/twin pregnancies - I cannot imagine!! So excited for you though - keep the info coming :)

  3. Your babies are beautiful. I can't thank you enough for sharing your story. My husband and I are about to go through our first round of IUI and I have been up since 5am wondering if we are doing the right thing by God. We have been praying about it and this morning in my search for comfort on the internet I found your blog. I have loved reading your story and my heart completely broke for your family as I read about Charlotte. I had an early miscarriage in a previous pregnancy and now I know I was blessed (in a strange way) to lose our baby so early on compared with what you went through. I've cried and laughed.. thank you thank you for your open-ness! Many prayers!