Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15th

october is breast cancer awareness month, but it is also pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. specifically, october 15th is the day set aside to remember all the sweet babies we have lost who are waiting for us in Heaven. this was all set up back in 1988 by the awesome (and one of my favorites) president reagan. unfortunately, over the last 24 years, the stats have not gotten much better. 1 in 4 pregnancy end in tragedy. there are still over 2,000 infant deaths/miscarriages each day in the united states alone. so sad...takes my breath away!!

january 8th will always be the day that peter and i set aside to celebrate our sweet charlotte and her short time with us. today, october 15th, i have spent so much time praying for sweet family and friends of mine that i have met personally or through blogging that have all had to said good bye too soon to their sweet babies. some of these people have been such a huge encouragement to me in getting me through the days and weeks since saying good bye to Charlotte. Heaven is going to be such a sweet place of reunion when we all hold our babies again! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

in special remembrance today for:
my big brother
my niece/nephew that i call Peanut

i cant wait to meet each of you in Heaven and snuggle you close!

please take a moment to remember the sweet babies in Heaven and say a pray for their parents as they anxiously await their reunion!

i love you, baby girl! cant wait to see you and hold you once again!!

blessings, ALo

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