Monday, September 3, 2012

That Sounds Good

so...i have been super sick the last two weeks. not throwing up...just nauseated all day long. yep! it was happening just in the afternoons, but lately it has been all day. the only thing that helps is eating. if i keep things in my system i feel so much better! i am not a fan of sweets (so crazy), they just make me feel much worse. every once in a while something sweet sounds good, but not very often. here is a list of things that i have been craving...some i have indulged, some i have not (for healthy reasons!!) pickles, chicken and dumplings from cracker barrel, oreos, milk (lots of milk), lemon water, nachos, tortilla soup, triscuits, mint chocolate chip ice cream...i think that is about it. so...lots of "salty" things and a few others. i have been trying to not load up on sodium and fat rich foods, but sometimes that is all that sounds good, so i have had some things in moderation. one of my college roommates just had twins this year and she has been a huge help! she stayed away from pretty much ALL sodium (think about how hard that is), but she went to 39 weeks with her twins and gained a "normal" amount of weight. she had over 14 pounds of baby at delivery!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!! but her babies were/are very healthy, so i am trying to take her advise. one of the strangest cravings i have had is the mint chocolate chip ice cream. i can not think of a time in my life where i have ever ordered or "had to have" that flavor of ice cream. today i even went in and brushed my teeth to see if it went away, but it didnt. so...i drove to kroger :) and, it was on sale!!! 2/$4, so i bought 4 of those small blue bell pint chocolate chip, peach cobbler, homemade vanilla, and pistachio almond. peter said he will GLADLY help me! i hope he is serious!!!

even with the crazy food cravings, i have done pretty well with my weight gain and have been going to the gym when i can wake up in the mornings! i have worried about weight gain, especially after learning of twins! i worked so hard to take off just over 40 pounds since january, and thinking about putting that much on with twins makes my heart race just a little (sometimes a lot). i know that by doing the work before hand and continuing to work out, i will be ahead going into both delivery and recovery. right now i am up 4 pound and i am almost 9 weeks. according to the twins websites and books i am reading, it is totally normal to gain anywhere from 10-12 pounds the first trimester. with fraternal twins, i have double everything...placenta, sacs, blood, water, etc. so, i feel ok with four to keep it there for now!

i have started to back off of some of my home hair. i am no longer taking new clients and i am being very restrictive about the times that i am doing hair. i just get so tired by the end of the day at church and then standing on my feet for a few hours does not help me or my sickness issues. so, if i have told you no, please understand! give me a few months/a year and i will be back to normal hair hours! :)

peter and i have had several little conversations about things that will be different once the babies are here (getting ready for church, grocery shopping, going out to eat, etc.) but we could not be more excited!! peter, being the man of my dreams that he is, has already started doing more around the house, offers to help with "my chores", understands when i say "i just need to rest of a sec." and truly wants to know all about the development of our babies and what is going on with my body. he is the best ever, i am SOOOOOO blessed!! last week the LOtwins got their daddy a little card and a treat (his fav. candy, also perfect for twins). they wanted to say "thanks for making us, dad". he beamed when he opened the card with their pics..its was priceless!!

my next appointment is sept. 14th. i will have an ultrasound, physical exam, and talk about the financial stuff with the office manager. thrilling!! lol. hopefully, we will still see two healthy heartbeats! i still get some anxiety about that...please pray God continues to give me peace when those thoughts creep in! thanks so much to all those who have sent messages, comments, love, prayers, encouragement, and advice. it is all more than appreciated! i know you all already love our LOtwins too! :)

blessings, ALo


  1. We are pregnancy twins, except I'm having one, and you're having 2. I've had all-day nausea the whole time. It's been terrible! I want salty things, too. Some mornings, I will have a baggie of potato chips and Simply Lemonade for breakfast. No sweet things--I'm even nauseated thinking of fruit--and red meat and pork make me sick, too.

    I'll pray for your nausea!!

  2. You know I was praying for twins... I am SO EXCITED for you guys!! Don't worry about the weight, keep doing what you are doing, eat healthy foods, exercise, sleep, and you won't have any trouble losing it after delivery. I am praying for two healthy, full-term babies!
    Love you!

  3. I feel your pain on the nausea! I was sick all day every day too. With all three boys. And eating made it better so I never let myself get hungry which is why I gained 50 lbs!! (but I never worked keep that up as long as you can!). And.....I craved milk too!!! Almost every night I would wake up in the middle of the night and eat a big bowl of cocoa puffs and I would chug a ton of milk right out of the jug!!! :). Makes me smile thinking back on that! So I'm thinking you have at least one boy in there!!! :)