Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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i know that so many of you have been asking how i am doing, how i am feeling, etc. part of me feels bad talking about my pregnancy...being excited. i mean, we are...we are so excited. but i remember what it was like for those so many months when all people could talk about was their pregnancy and how horrible some of it was, how awesome parts were, etc. i know that if you have been following my blog, you understand/know that this has been an emotional roller coaster almost 2 years for us. while i will never purposefully complain on facebook or twitter or even here in my blog, i know that so many of you are genuinely praying for us and just want to be excited with us. so...here is a little update. please do not read this if you are in a place that you are unable to read about my pregnancy. i totally understand that and do not blame you at all!

today (8/21/12) we are 6 weeks and 6 days. wednesday is my new week day...meaning every wednesday i up a week :) 7 weeks tomorrow. i had been doing pretty good about "ralphing" until the last two days. before monday, i had only been sick once, but suffered constant nausea after 3pm. this week it has become an all day battle...me versus nausea...the last two days i have not always won. i also have pretty horrid acid reflux. last night i was up at 3am ralphing because of the reflux. but, all of this is fine by me. i may not look that great, but i am fine. pictures with my besties from atlanta this weekend could be interesting! :) i have been pretty tired in the afternoons. i am trying to go to the gym as often as i can...depending on my morning nausea. so, days that i do get into the gym, i definitely need a nap by about 4 pm. i remember getting pretty horrid headaches when i was really tired when i was pregnant with Charlotte. thankfully, i have not had many of those...just one. thats it...things are good/normal as far as i can tell...as normal as pregnancies go.

this friday we have our first ultrasound. i have had so many of you tell me you have the "twin feeling". my grandma even said, "i hope you are having twins...i am not close enough to be up with you all night long" lol. thanks grandma! but, we will find out friday how any are in there! at this point, because so many have said we are having twins, i would not be totally shocked...still surprised, but not shocked. as long as we can walk away knowing that our child is growing safely and healthy, i will be so excited!! so, be on the look out for baby's first picture on friday evening! :)

thanks so much for all the support, love, encouragement, and prayers. i know i have been off the grid...just to make you feel better, there has not been too many new things happening here. :) just keep praying for our little one to grow big and strong like his/her daddy! :)

please also be praying for a new friend that i have meet. "B" and her husband have been trying for a family of their own for several years. they have tried IUI a few times with no success. they are praying for guidance and direction from God as to what to do next. please pray with me that God would make that path very clear! please pray with me that God would open her womb and that she would become pregnant!! i cant wait to report back to you very soon that our prayers have been answered!

blessings, ALo

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