Wednesday, August 8, 2012

God's Grace

i had the first of many doctor's appointments for this little baby on monday. it was a "confirmation appointment". just meant that i had to pee on one of their test sticks and have some blood work and an "exam". i was only told it would be the urination test part, so the rest was a surprise...i should have shaved my legs! sorry, nurse patty! lol. anyway...i am definitely pregnant! so exciting! patty (the nurse practitioner) said that i should stay on the metaformin (blood sugar pill) to help with my nausea and the progesterone to help since i dont produce as much as i should. they switched me over from the oral progesterone to the "non-oral". when i went to pick up the Rx, it was going to be $587 per month! uh...for real?? i mean if that is the only choice, it will be worth it, but there are other options...lets try that first! i have left a few messages to have the new Rx that patty said would be manageable financially. hopefully they call me soon...i dont like not taking a medicine that will help my little growing baby! today i am exactly 5 weeks along. we will get our first look at our little one in just over 2 weeks. friday, august 24th at 2:15. my awesome friends from atlanta will be here too...they will get to meet our little sweet when we do. :) so, things are good. i am feeling good...only nauseous when i eat sweets (rough, huh?!!?? oh well!). we are praying for good, healthy growth. we are also praying that God calms our nerves as we continue in this pregnancy. after our journey with Charlotte, we cant help but be a little nervous/anxious/think the worst.

our high school worship band played this song tonight in worship and it hit me right where i needed it. an awesome reminder!! hope you enjoy it!! i really wish you could all hear my friend, amos, sing this song. he and the band were so awesome tonight! i am so blessed by them each week! "to testify of your wonder and grace forever! there is none beside You God!! i live my life to shine your light!" here is a link for all the lyrics.

Rhythms of Grace by hillsong (aftermath album)

ps. we need a nickname for our sweet baby...any ideas? we called Charlotte "babyLo" until we named her :)

blessings, ALo


  1. I think a good nickname would be 2Lo's!! ;-) lol! Just kidding (but not really). I'm praying with you...

  2. Will be praying for health for your little peanut!

  3. It's about the size of a poppy seed right now, so call it poppy. I know someone else that's doing that.