Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little behind

so...i am usually a little behind on cool up and coming artists/music because i usually just listen to stuff that i already have or that some one gives me or that we are singing in church. well, a few posts back i posted a link about carter and the music in the background quickly drew me in. i had heard of the band "gungor" a while back, but did not keep up with the latest stuff, but now i keep replaying a few of the songs on their "beautiful things" album. if you are not familiar with their stuff, CHECK THEM OUT!!! the above video is from a live recording for relevant, so the sounds is a little different than on the CD, but still great! 

"Ironically, most of the music is not directly about caring for the poor and ministering to widows and orphans. Instead, much of the album addresses the spiritual journey and the understanding of God that happens when we do these acts. Like many before him, Gungor has had to fight off feelings of disillusionment when he’s tried to love the unlovable and gotten no love in return. 'Sometimes it feels like the love just turns to dust,' Gungor admits. 'This album is an expression of hope that God will make beautiful things out of the dust in our lives, that God will somehow use us, use our obedience and love, our feeble human effort, and build Himself a kingdom.' Gungor has captured this hope with sparse, poetic words." an excerpt from the band's website

hope you check them out and find something encouraging!!

blessings, ALo

ps. we are in texas...our jamaica trip was amazing and all our travels went super smoothly...that will be its own post after i have time to upload all my pics!!! sometime this week...promise! quick prayer request...i am looking at our #1 choice for a house here in houston, tomorrow at 10am, then i am going to meet with two long time friends about a job opportunity for me...update on all of that later too! :) thanks, friends!!

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