Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Man!!!

yep, i am a HUGE slacker! well, not just a slacker...lazy. so where do i start? what do you want to know? so, the truth of the matter is that i am updating this because i told my cousin alex i would if she gave me the address to her blog. so for those of you who have been waiting, you can thank alexandra ann bufton!! :) so, anyway, rather than try to revisit the last few months i am going to start with today :) here goes nothin...

today was one of those days that you think over at the the end and just go...huh? really? so, we all know that i love my job...i love what i do and where i do it. that being said i left today going, really? REALLY? i was cancelled at the very last second this morning for a cut and highlight which meant that i sat there from 9 until 11:45 with pretty much nothing today. i did get to do something new on a loyal guest of mine...she cracks me up every time she is there. at the end of my work day...2:30 mind you...i had an appointment for a cut and color for myself. now, in case you haven't seen me in awhile, i have been keeping my hair short and platinum blonde. i also ALWAYS have the same friend from work do my case you cant get in with me at sqaure one make sure you ask for courtney, she is awesome...anyway, thursday is courntey's day off and she is completely booked tomorrow, my day off. so i instead had another colleague do my hair. to make this already long story a little shorter i walked out looking like a lesbian porcupine!!! ugh! i am so serious!! my hair is soooo short. i even had to call peter before i got home to warn him, thats how short it is! huh?? really?? of course that is not my while day, but you all know how much your hair can consume your day/life when it is not right. like camilla alves on shear genius says "...and remember, hair is important!"

ok, hope to talk again soon...thanks alex!!!

blessings, ALo

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