Friday, February 5, 2010


i should have stayed in bed today!!! yep, no doubt about it!! the thing is that friday is my day off...yep, fridays. i actually really like having fridays off, it makes working saturdays not that bad...sorta! so, normally i sleep in on fridays, do nothing in the mornings, have lunch with some friends in xenia, run errands and come home to get ready to do something friday night with the hubby and/or friends. this did NOT happen today! now, most things that happened were fine, even great...but i tell you that my day did not start out on a good foot at all!

so, first of all i was totally and completely awake at 7:45 am...yes! so much for sleeping in! i mean, i LOVE that my husband says good-bye when he leaves and gives me a sweet little kiss on the forehead (do you think that is because i have morning breath?) and usually i fall asleep the instant he leaves..not today! so, rather than just lay wishing i was asleep i got up and took a shower. i knew that my cousin laura was coming over for a haircut at 9:45, so put some sweatpants and a t-shirt on and got my hair dry. when i finished i went into the living room to start opening up the house and turn lights on and whatever. as i was walking over to a lamp my toe caught the power cord of peter's new laptop. unlike the mac, this power cord does not automatically pull away. nope, instead the cord wrapped around my toe and the laptop came crashing down on my toes...taking off skin and causing a black spot to appear pretty much immediately and then it bled for 20 min.!! yes, i did swear, more than once...dont judge me! so i had to sit on the chair and compose myself. when i was finally ready to get up and finish getting things ready, i ended up with a staple from the arm of the chair in my hand...UGH!! yes, it was bleeding and i was even more mad. so, here i am its only 8:30 and i am bleeding from my toes and my palm! i should have just gone right back to bed and started over! i really couldnt believe it. i mean, i know that i am a little ditzy but i am not usually clumsy like that! i did take a deep breath and a few ibuprofen and finished the morning. after that my day was pretty good. i did some hair (yes, on my day off. thats how much i like what i do), had lunch with some friends, spent some time with a girlfriend and did her hair, and made it home safely in the snow/rain/slush junk that we are getting right now. i also made a nice comforting dinner...chicken and dumplins! i am rounding out the evening with a lock-in with peter (including cutting his hair) :) just us...hanging out! i hope that tomorrow starts out better, could be a long day at work otherwise!! :)

but for real, the chicken and dumplins were awesome, thanks Whit!! if anyone wants the recipe just let me know!

blessings, ALo

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