Tuesday, September 10, 2013

halfy birthday

happy half birthday to my babies...a day late! :) yesterday was busy...well, so was today, but i am carving out a few min to blog and post a few pics. i can not believe they are already 6 months old!!! everyone said it would fly by, but this is crazy!! even just the last month has gone so quick and each day is full of new things!!

yesterday we celebrated their half birthday by going to the doctor and getting shots...boo!! i really hate that. i dont understand why they make the parent hold their hands and look at them. its so sad, just plain heartbreaking!! both girls have been a little cranky since yesterday morning, and rightfully so! poor babies!

i love watching my girls figure things out and start trying new things. claire has semi serious separation anxiety with me but other than that, they seem to be doing awesome. one of the best parts of them getting bigger is their awesome sleeping schedule. right now they both take a morning nap, claire takes a mid morning/early afternoon nap, and they both have an afternoon nap. at night we start the bed time routine around seven and they are usually in bed around eight and sleep right at 11 hours!!!! its so awesome! i am usually in big trouble the days they dont stay on schedule...both for naps and for feedings. my girls love schedules. they both love to eat and sleep (esp claire, she might sleep all day if she could!).

we took a trip to michigan for labor day and they both did fantastic traveling. we had a little detour in chicago prolonging our travel time, but they just went with the flow. it was awesome! we are headed to pennsylvania the beginning of october and we are hoping for the same!!

so things are good...wont complain. im too tired to take the time for that!! lol!!

here are their 6 month stats from yesterday's doctor's appointment and a few pics.

*percentages are based on other 6 month old babies (not just girls)
Annabel: weight 17lb 4oz (70%) height 27" (89%) head 17" (75%). she is my big girl! ;)
Claire: weight 14lb 11oz (28%) height 26" (52%) head 17" (75%). jumped up in weight percentage! at least she and annabel can still share headbands/bows :)

naked baies!! 

oh, great! mom is at it again!! 

annabel isnt so sure that toes taste as good as claire says they do!

sweet girl with dimples

something was funny because she is laughing!

mom, dont forget im still hungry

"i know something you dont know!!"

looks like a baby store threw up in my living room!!

thanks to our friends charlotte and elizabeth crook, we have a jumperoo to use!  claire looks so sneaky here!
annabel made sure i knew she was next!
getting ready for their first cereal experience...went pretty well!!

these babies love to eat!!
blessings, ALo

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